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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

1865 Blog Post by Onyi Igheghe

Dear Diary,
         Yesterday was the last day of the battle, April 6, 1865 and today the Confederates have surrendered at the Appomattox Courthouse in Wilmer McLean's living room. I suppose he must've finally accepted the fact that he cannot run away from these battles. The surrender was a smooth process, the confederates relinquished all their weapons with the exception of their personal weapons, horses and arms. They then promised to stop fighting and go home which released most of my tension because a soldier is expected to keep his word and I somehow believed that they would keep their word to us but as a soldier, I still had to be prepared. Then we decided to be kind and we gave the rebels 25,000 ration meals that included hardtack, salt pork, etc.  I'm sure they appreciated our generosity. I also saw a horse bow today which I found very impressing. Well that's it for today, I'll write again tomorrow. Till then.

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