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Monday, May 1, 2017

1863 Blog Post By Onyi Igheghe

Dairy Entry Of July 2, 1863
Nelson McCook, Union

It has been a petrifying yet a victorious couple of days. I still smell the courage in the air yet the screams haunt me. I still remember the faces the ones now dead made, and the thoughts I had when I saw the ones that fell and rise back up again to keep fighting. I thought of their families, for the ones that had passed on, and I remembered the contented looks on their faces when they received letters from home.I remember the man that proudly boasted about his 3-year-old daughter, and I saw the love in his eyes while he spoke. Their courage is what kept me going for the past few days. The UNION was not in an inopportune position while fighting in the Gettysburg battle.
Day 1 of Gettysburg battle: I saw soldiers scurrying off to get new shoes because theirs were wrecked and destroyed. I didn't need any shoes because my shoes were astonishingly sturdy. I heard that the REBELS needed shoes too but the soldiers never expected to clash with the confederates just west of Gettysburg. I heard that the fighting was extreme but that sounds a bit intense. I went as a reinforcement to help out in this intense BATTLE. We were pushed back into town, but in the end, we took the upper hand.
Day 2 of Gettysburg Battle:
We were on high ground and all I heard was booming ARTILLERY. We had many reinforcements come in overnight, but it seemed as though the REBELS did too. We were told to stay in a fishhook formation and we were puzzled till we finally understood why we were told to do wat we did. I imagine the war as very hard for the CONFEDERATES because they were running uphill in this hot weather as we shot down at them. I would be terrified if I was in their shoes, I would've seen but death but still fought for the sake of courage.The goal for the fishhook formation was to stop the REBELS from coming around the back of Meade's army. I found this method very brilliant, and in the end, it was successful. I am very heartbroken though to hear that 37,000 casualties were the result of this BATTLE over just 2 days.

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