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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

1865 blog

Dear Sara,

It's finally the end of the war, I'm coming home soon. I am very devastated. I'm pretty sure you have already heard about the president’s murder. Many people didn't like him but this level of hatred they had towards him went way too far. President Abraham didn't deserve this. We lost a great, humble leader. But on the other hand like you are already aware of, the union was successful and we finally won the war. Fireworks and celebrations surround the streets. People here in the Union cheer and ar full of joy that once again our nation is back together. I can't wait to be in the comfort of our home, and finally see y'all again.

Sincerely, Stephen

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

1865 Blog Post by Onyi Igheghe

Dear Diary,
         Yesterday was the last day of the battle, April 6, 1865 and today the Confederates have surrendered at the Appomattox Courthouse in Wilmer McLean's living room. I suppose he must've finally accepted the fact that he cannot run away from these battles. The surrender was a smooth process, the confederates relinquished all their weapons with the exception of their personal weapons, horses and arms. They then promised to stop fighting and go home which released most of my tension because a soldier is expected to keep his word and I somehow believed that they would keep their word to us but as a soldier, I still had to be prepared. Then we decided to be kind and we gave the rebels 25,000 ration meals that included hardtack, salt pork, etc.  I'm sure they appreciated our generosity. I also saw a horse bow today which I found very impressing. Well that's it for today, I'll write again tomorrow. Till then.

Monday, May 15, 2017

1865 Blog - Giancarlo Zavala

Dear Family,
                   I'm coming back home! The war is over, God bless the Union! We have won! I have served President Lincoln well! General Lee has surrendered! I feel so excited to be coming home with the victory! The Union is together again, slaves are free. I feel proud, hopefully this arrives as I finish packing or as i'm on my way. I can't wait to catch up with the family! Love you all.
               Alfred A. Scales
      I've brought food

1864 Blog - Giancarlo Zavala

Dear Family,
                      We are nearing the end of the war, and I am happy for these recent victories against the South. President Lincoln has changed the reason for the war. I am happy to fight for Lincoln and happy to be alive for this long. God bless President Lincoln for he has stuck with us through thick and thin. I best be going now, i'll be back soon maybe a year or two
               Alfred A. Scales

Monday, May 1, 2017

1864 blog

Dear Diary, 

I didn't have as many patients today it was a less stressful day but not a good day either. The union completely trashed the Rebels this may lead toward the our victory,... but I don't think it was the best thing to do. Imagine how the confederates might feel. Now, I'm not saying I support the confederacy but this is my opinion on this scene. I know the only safe place to state this is here, on my diary because I know many people on the union side would go against me. The war is almost at an end which I'm thankful for. Hopefully the rebels will give up and surrender and this war may end in a good note. I'm honestly proud of myself for all the effort I put into this war. This war has also brought me the pleasure to meet one of the most inspiring people. I met Clara Barton a while ago. I remember it was a very agitated day, I was overwhelmed by my surroundings I hadn't ever seen so much blood shed and that many men wounded. I felt like I could just give up in the spot but then she appeared and was of great help with all the sick and wounded soldiers. Clara kept me going everyday with her wise words I just knew I couldn't give up on my country. It was a very difficult time for me being away from my family for so long. In harsh nights when I would miss them tremendously I would talk with her about my sadness, and problems. Clara would listen to me and lifted my spirit up. Even though I've been through so much during all these years I don't regret contributing in keeping my nation together.

Flashcards by Onyi I. 1864 Blog Post


1863 Blog Post By Onyi Igheghe

Dairy Entry Of July 2, 1863
Nelson McCook, Union

It has been a petrifying yet a victorious couple of days. I still smell the courage in the air yet the screams haunt me. I still remember the faces the ones now dead made, and the thoughts I had when I saw the ones that fell and rise back up again to keep fighting. I thought of their families, for the ones that had passed on, and I remembered the contented looks on their faces when they received letters from home.I remember the man that proudly boasted about his 3-year-old daughter, and I saw the love in his eyes while he spoke. Their courage is what kept me going for the past few days. The UNION was not in an inopportune position while fighting in the Gettysburg battle.
Day 1 of Gettysburg battle: I saw soldiers scurrying off to get new shoes because theirs were wrecked and destroyed. I didn't need any shoes because my shoes were astonishingly sturdy. I heard that the REBELS needed shoes too but the soldiers never expected to clash with the confederates just west of Gettysburg. I heard that the fighting was extreme but that sounds a bit intense. I went as a reinforcement to help out in this intense BATTLE. We were pushed back into town, but in the end, we took the upper hand.
Day 2 of Gettysburg Battle:
We were on high ground and all I heard was booming ARTILLERY. We had many reinforcements come in overnight, but it seemed as though the REBELS did too. We were told to stay in a fishhook formation and we were puzzled till we finally understood why we were told to do wat we did. I imagine the war as very hard for the CONFEDERATES because they were running uphill in this hot weather as we shot down at them. I would be terrified if I was in their shoes, I would've seen but death but still fought for the sake of courage.The goal for the fishhook formation was to stop the REBELS from coming around the back of Meade's army. I found this method very brilliant, and in the end, it was successful. I am very heartbroken though to hear that 37,000 casualties were the result of this BATTLE over just 2 days.

1865 blog

Dear Sara, It's finally the end of the war, I'm coming home soon. I am very devastated. I'm pretty sure you have already heard...