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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Enlistment blog

My name is Stephen S. Taylor and I'm 23 years old. Before I joined the war I would spend every night having conversations with my three brothers and my sister. We would talk at the dinner table about how our day was and the issues we were facing.We would also take lovely walks around a nearby park since we were all nature people. I won't lie I miss them so much I often write them letters but their responses come very slowly. When I confessed to them I was going to be participating in the war they were all surprised. Most of all my sister she begged me so much that it would will be so dangerous and would tell me she couldn't imagine her life without me. Finally they all gave up and went along with my decision. I will serve as an army surgeon during the war. I'm very nervous to be participating in the war. I can't believe that I myself decided to contribute. It's been a while now since I left for the war. We have set up a hospital near the battle line since we started to notice how many soldiers died on the long way to get medical attention. I have several patients a day many of them have lost arms, legs, and been wounded pretty bad by the bullets. My day ends in exhaustion but I feel proud to help the soldiers alive. I really hope this war ends soon so I can go back home to my siblings and tell them all about how it's like to have participated in this deadly war.

Sincerely Stephen S. Taylor

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