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Web Warriors

Thursday, April 6, 2017


I am Alfred A. Scales, my rank is Captain and I fight for Lincoln. I miss my family but I think they miss me more, I can survive on my own I don't think they could. I miss my wife Sally and my son Billy, but I WILL win this war for the Union. I want this win more than the rebels who claim they have a chance, I think not, I need to keep the Union together, I need to please President Lincoln, or else my mission would be over and I can't let that happen, not yet. My family they need me, my loving wife I need her alive and Billy too, I can't fail them either, I miss them the most out of anything back in Boston, I need to reunite with my brother from the south, I wish to not have to kill him, hopefully he's still alive because I will make the union come together, I will reunite us!

                Alfred A. scales

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