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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

1863 blog

Dear Sara,
I was already losing hope, I was starting to feel like we wouldn't savor a victory. But we were finally successful during this battle. I'm so glad President Lincoln got rid of that General Mcclellan no offense but he kind of just stood there expecting our Navy to be successful without any guidence. Our new General Buford has great plans for the war. He proved with this victory that he will be a great General. Even though the Union was victorious there was a negative outcome. There was about 37,000 casualties over the course of two days. Almost every building available is turning into hospitals in order to attend all these injured men. There were many deaths and people wanted to bury all these soldiers in a respectful manner. Now the first battlefield cemetery was built. The union has many benefits from the war. The our enemy the rebels are now split in two and Union has control of the Mississippi river. I'm really looking forward to going home soon, Take care

Sincerely Stephen

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