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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

1863 Blog - Giancarlo Zavala

Dear Family,
The battle at Gettysburg was very bloody and horrible and lasted several days. It was our very first major victory in the war and I’m so happy. I finally did what I told you guys what I was gonna do! I’m very happy, the Confederacy get their defeat! This victory for the Union was well deserved, gotta go now!
   Alfred Scales

1862 Blog - Giancarlo Zavala

Dear Family,
Antietam wasn't very successful, no one really one. They deployed me with the Infantry. They finally fired McClellan! Hopefully they promote me from my current rank. Most comrades got wounded and It's not good at all! I need to go help my wounded comrades, I promise I'll come back home and that those southerners will never win!
               Alfred A. Scales

1863 blog

Dear Sara,
I was already losing hope, I was starting to feel like we wouldn't savor a victory. But we were finally successful during this battle. I'm so glad President Lincoln got rid of that General Mcclellan no offense but he kind of just stood there expecting our Navy to be successful without any guidence. Our new General Buford has great plans for the war. He proved with this victory that he will be a great General. Even though the Union was victorious there was a negative outcome. There was about 37,000 casualties over the course of two days. Almost every building available is turning into hospitals in order to attend all these injured men. There were many deaths and people wanted to bury all these soldiers in a respectful manner. Now the first battlefield cemetery was built. The union has many benefits from the war. The our enemy the rebels are now split in two and Union has control of the Mississippi river. I'm really looking forward to going home soon, Take care

Sincerely Stephen

1862 blog

Sept.17, 1862
Dear Diary,

Today was another exhausting day getting soldiers in and out the hospital. I am kind of getting desperate and I am craving for the ending of the war. Sometimes I feel like I could go insane with all the blood, deaths, and sickness in the air. I miss my home, my siblings. Sometimes I begin to regret joining to help the war. But then I think to myself again, I will help my nation become successful. The second battle is already over. There wasn't really a victor. But the Union needs to get going and get well organized if not I'm afraid we will not defeat the confederacy.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

!862 Blog Post by Onyi Igheghe

Confederates 2.0 Battle
We are at it again
With all the pain
We still want to gain
We are not insane
We don't know what say
But we will surely pay the price of the casualties by celebration as a nation
You can’t cope
You don’t have enough hope
We are staring at you through a microscope
You can't run away
For our claws are made of titanium knives
We will strive to fight
Even in the dark night
We will make you disappear out of sight
We have tried with all our might
We have left you running towards the white flag spelling out the words desertion
We have destroyed your image
You have turned savage
For You cannot manage

Our booming artillery

1862 blog set

To: My Beloved Mother & Sister
        My cover has been blown gosh darn that cursed McCllen for ruining  my spying so now I have reverted back to the confederate side before I was sentenced to death as penalty for being a spy but had to do what I had to because I had to help the graybacks. At first I thought I had them convinced for the simple lies and said that I was a transgender for I had two genders on my solider card.

Sincerely Loren Boyd your son and brother

Monday, April 10, 2017

1861 blog post

Dear Sara,

So far I've been okay, a bit scared and nervous at times but I haven't been hurt or anything of that sort. But unfortunately we have lost the battle at Bull Run. Yesterday was one of the busiest days I've ever had. I had soldiers coming in at all times, with severe wounds, and one step away from death. It was horrible, some had to get their legs or arms cut off in order to stop infections to travel further to other places in their bodies. I wasn't able to save many soldiers and that was devastating. It was crazy how many people's lives were in my hands. I couldn't even rest for a second because at that moment I had another patient come in. There was a total of 2,896 casualties on our side. This victory that seemed so easy to achieve ended in a fatal loss. I am still shook of the outcome of this first war. The confederate states defeated our union. I really hope president Lincoln takes action and prepares a better trained army. If not I fear our nation might be in jeopardy. I don't know how much longer this war will take but I'm missing you tons take care,

Sincerely Stephen

1861 Blog

  To: Mother & Sister
         A battle was waged between north and south it we seemed to be quite triumphant we were feasting at a big picnic food here food there it was magnificent then five minutes later they started to attack which was pretty weak until we hear cry of war begging chanted and then the train came with reinforcements of men by thousands and in a moment were out numbered and could not take the enemy forces any longer and had to retreat after multiple of our forces were either wiped out or ran in   Desertion.

Sincerely Loren Boyd

1861 Blog

Dear Sally,
                     I am regretful to announce this but, we lost the battle of Bull Run. The Confederacy managed to win the battle with fewer people, and they had fewer casualties. We successfully escaped the skirmish, even with the horde of people watching the battle. If only I hadn't been so arrogant! Oh well, I still have confidence, we would have beaten them if 'Stonewall' Jackson wasn't there. We're all just waiting if they'll raid us, but I just think they're foraging for food. Well I better get going we're gonna beat those rebels next time, I just know it! Also, say hi to the kids for me!

Alfred A. Scales

Sunday, April 9, 2017

1861 Blog Post

Diary Entry Of July 13, 1861
Nelson McCook

             Today was a very restful and untroubled day. We woke up at dawn and I went out to say a prayer and read the bible. A few minutes after that we had our morning drill which took hours. Between our drills, I did some chores which included fixing my uniforms, cleaning equipment, and cooking meals. Today, we managed to get some free time and I heard soldiers talking about letters from their family saying that they were going to come watch the battle. These soldiers were very enlivened by the valued information they were getting from these letters. Seeing them read their letters made me think of my own family, especially my severely wounded brother. So I decided to write a letter to my precious and treasured family. After writing the letter I heard the soldiers talking about the upcoming battle and they sounded very relaxed. It didn't sound like a very big deal to me as well even though I've never experienced a battle. After some time passed, free time was over and we had to practice for the upcoming battles. We had to prepare for the upcoming march to Virginia, so extra rations were prepared and ammunition was distributed. Each soldier received 40-60 rounds. A round was made up of a bullet and the powder needed to fire it. After practicing for battles, we had some more free time, so I decide to forage for some food. I looked for a lengthy amount of time for food but I found nothing, so I made the hard but logical choice to eat some hardtack to keep me from starving. Yesterday, we were lucky enough to get salt pork, but today was different. I am very grateful for the meal provided by God. I have seen so many soldiers die from diseases and many suffer from diseases such as typhoid fever, smallpox, measles, diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria, tuberculosis, etc. The battle hasn't begun yet, and many are dying. I cannot imagine what's it's like to suffer from such painful diseases. Their families must be terrified and distressed thinking about the health of these soldiers. I am so grateful and appreciative that I don't have to go through such agonizing pain.
A few hours have passed by, and now its night time. Tonight, I'm on guard duty and its a really exhausting task pacing around a well-trod line for hours but I made it through that experience, and I am now exhausted. It was quite a standard day but I got enough time to write to my parents and my brother so I am eagerly waiting for their response to my letter.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Enlistment blog

My name is Stephen S. Taylor and I'm 23 years old. Before I joined the war I would spend every night having conversations with my three brothers and my sister. We would talk at the dinner table about how our day was and the issues we were facing.We would also take lovely walks around a nearby park since we were all nature people. I won't lie I miss them so much I often write them letters but their responses come very slowly. When I confessed to them I was going to be participating in the war they were all surprised. Most of all my sister she begged me so much that it would will be so dangerous and would tell me she couldn't imagine her life without me. Finally they all gave up and went along with my decision. I will serve as an army surgeon during the war. I'm very nervous to be participating in the war. I can't believe that I myself decided to contribute. It's been a while now since I left for the war. We have set up a hospital near the battle line since we started to notice how many soldiers died on the long way to get medical attention. I have several patients a day many of them have lost arms, legs, and been wounded pretty bad by the bullets. My day ends in exhaustion but I feel proud to help the soldiers alive. I really hope this war ends soon so I can go back home to my siblings and tell them all about how it's like to have participated in this deadly war.

Sincerely Stephen S. Taylor


I am Alfred A. Scales, my rank is Captain and I fight for Lincoln. I miss my family but I think they miss me more, I can survive on my own I don't think they could. I miss my wife Sally and my son Billy, but I WILL win this war for the Union. I want this win more than the rebels who claim they have a chance, I think not, I need to keep the Union together, I need to please President Lincoln, or else my mission would be over and I can't let that happen, not yet. My family they need me, my loving wife I need her alive and Billy too, I can't fail them either, I miss them the most out of anything back in Boston, I need to reunite with my brother from the south, I wish to not have to kill him, hopefully he's still alive because I will make the union come together, I will reunite us!

                Alfred A. scales


        Prior to my cherished and precious loved Mom, Sister and Inanimate father
    I think about my you dearly as I'm sure you do of me but I can't just sit around and do nothing whil the very country we stand on scrumbles beneath our very feet. I hope Your taking care of my plants while I'm away Susan(sister) which would be astoundingly blessed to hear my tulips are dwelling, but most of all I hope you understand that they need my and my medical intelligence to heal the wounded and stop causalities from happing.
                                                                                 Sincerely your child and brother
                                                                                       -Loren Boyd

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Enlistment Blog

My Beloved Brother, Mother, and Father

              I ponder about you every day and reflect on the moments we have had together. I miss your exuberant smiles and your compassionate hearts. I miss your indomitable and jolly personalities. I really do wonder what it would be like when I finally come home. Brother, I have heard that your leg is gone and I am extremely despaired to hear this horrendous news. I am still battling with my thoughts to try to come to an understanding of how and why we lost the battle of  Bull Run. We definitely disregarded the meaning of battle and looked forward to an unchallenging and effortless victory. I am very glad that you didn't have to observe that horrifying experience. I am glad that you stayed back to treat my brother, Jack's foot and tend to his needs. Ma, Pa, I hope you are doing exceptional. I would like to ask both of you for a favor. I don't want any of you to worry about me because I am fine, and by the grace of God, I will be exquisite and stay exquisite till I come home. So please do this one thing I ask of you and don't worry about me.
            If only the 37,000 volunteered army took the battle seriously, including me of course, then we would've conquered the 22,000 confederate soldiers. Even though we have retreated from the battle, we won't give up hope yet. We w
            I miss all of you very much and I wish I could be there to receive the warm and calming hugs you all give me. Have a splendid day! I love you all very much and I look forward to the day I will get to see you all again. Please write to me as soon as you can.

                                                                                                                                    Nelson McCook

1865 blog

Dear Sara, It's finally the end of the war, I'm coming home soon. I am very devastated. I'm pretty sure you have already heard...